What a Wonderful Time

Christmas is the season for bringing joy and laughter to the world. With lots of wrapping presents and sales going on, there’s a lot to do, but what about spending time with your friends and teachers while taking a break from shopping. Lanphier High School has a celebration of their own with teachers bringing sweet treats and students having the time of their lives because Christmas is near. Continue reading “What a Wonderful Time”

New Year’s Resolutions

To many people all over the world, the New Year is a time to look at who you are and focus on possible ways to better yourself. This is called a person’s New Year’s resolution. Not everyone does them, but it is a tradition for people who choose to partake in it.  At Lanphier High School, The Roar has interviewed a variety of people about what their New Year’s resolutions are. This variety of people ranges from students, faculty, teachers, and administration. Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions”

Top 10s of 2018

The year 2018 has been wild. Lanphier has seen many administration changes, the county tax bill passed to help the local schools with facility costs, Mr. Adam Lopez was arrested and Turkey Tournaments were changed around. To top it off there has been some really wild weather. It seems like there are only two seasons in central Illinois, boiling hot and frigid cold. To recap the year, we would like to provide to you, the top 10s of 2018. Continue reading “Top 10s of 2018”

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