April Fool’s Day

April Fools Day is the one time a year that everyone pulls pranks on their friends. While some people love this tradition, other people hate the idea of being fooled by their friends, family, or coworkers. Just make sure to stay on the side of being the prankster, not the one being pranked! Here are some ideas if you are wanting to prank someone in a new way this year:

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Lanphier Celebrations

The Lanphier Boys and Girls basketball teams both won regionals this year! In addition to that, Lanphier student, Ethan Beck(12), placed third in engineering in the WYSE contest. Lanphier also had two students win the NPR This I Believe Illinois contest. Blessing Casey(12) and Kiana Porter(12) both received $100 for winning this contest and got to record their essay to be played on NPR Radio.

Life After Lanphier – Justin Linder (Class of 2011)

I’ve been out of high school for almost seven years and out of college for three. The teachers that I remember most were the ones who pushed me to my greatest potential. I didn’t want to put any more effort into school than what I needed. I didn’t want to try to properly enunciate my words more clearly in Speech. I didn’t want to write any more articles for The Roar my senior year, but I did! Guess what? Hard work pays dividends.

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Parkland, Florida Massacre: What Students Should Know

The Parkland, Florida shooting at Stoneman Douglas High School is much more than just  “another school shooting.” All too many people have lost their lives because of situations just like this. The victims, a football coach, two athletic directors, and 14 students had their lives come to an end all too soon. These lives put to end by a teenager with a legally purchased, assault-style weapon. Continue reading “Parkland, Florida Massacre: What Students Should Know”

Lincoln Essay Contest Winners

Seniors in Ms. Geri Walsh’s English 437 class participated in the Lincoln Essay Contest. Students were asked to write a paper about how Lincoln’s famous quote “A house divided against itself cannot stand” can be applied to America today. They were also asked to write about what Abraham Lincoln would be doing if he were president today. Three Lanphier students were selected as winners: Blake Vandermeersch(12), Allen Cook(12), and Kiana Porter(12).

186 Foundation Event

On February 24, the 186 Foundation Event was held. This event has been done annually for 23 years to help raise money for all of the high school’s art departments. It is an auction selling students art and it was held at the Horace Mann Building downtown.

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