MEET THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: James Biggers (12)

Imagine packing your car and getting ready to go to school. You start to drive down the road and out of nowhere cars start to honk at you, and people are screaming out of their windows. You keep going because you’re not breaking any law. As you open your sunroof for some fresh air, you realize you left a stack of your school books on the roof of your car. How embarrassing right? Well, this is just one of the many humiliating times of class and Spanish Club President James Biggers. Continue reading “MEET THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: James Biggers (12)”

MEET THE EDITORS: Anthony Lewis (12)

Anthony Lewis is a senior at Lanphier High School. Anthony is involved in yearbook. He also enjoys basketball very much and would have liked to play football. He is planning on going to ISU for college for at least four years. He enjoys school as a whole. He does not have a favorite teacher since he has not had problems with any or been super cool with any either. His favorite school lunch is the chicken, which he says is not the best but is not completely bad. Continue reading “MEET THE EDITORS: Anthony Lewis (12)”

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