Ways to Prepare for College

Graduating year is fast approaching and in the minds of many high school students, especially those born to the working-class, the niggling question still remains: How am I going to pay? Well, you’re in luck, because there are actually many opportunities available for you while you are still in high school. Many of which could transfer into college scholarships, help with financial aide, and, when the time comes, could help you earn a job that could better your overall life.

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Think About a Hot Winter

The new season of sickness, coats, snow, and cloudy skies has rolled around. This season is one that most people dislike, and its name is winter.

During winter, we mostly think about making snowmen and/or drinking hot chocolate while sitting inside the house and reading a book, cozy, under a blanket. What never comes to mind is swimming, beams from the sun, laughing and enjoying the bright blue sky above us.

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The Sadie Hawkins Dance

It is a well known tradition all around the United States that the boy asks the girl to a dance or on a date. There is that one dance you have all probably heard of where the boy is asked by the girl instead. For those of you who have not heard of it, this dance is called the Sadie Hawkins Dance. This is an informal dance where the girl invites the boy as her date. Many people question the dance, asking who is this Sadie Hawkins they talk about?

Here’s the story behind it.

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