Battle Of The Bands

Alexis Fry

The Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands was a contest sponsored by Heartland Credit Union. It was put on by They were holding a competition to see which group or band could record their jingle using the most creativity and best playing. 

Mr. Emerson James, who is the band director at LHS, decided to enter the Lanphier’s band.

 “I thought it would be a fun endeavor for our band to compete in. It was a blast!”

The band was able to brainstorm ideas. Mr. James and co-director Isabella Mott (12) worked together to spice together all of the footage. The band had to come up with ideas of what they wanted to film. 

“It was a lot of fun coming up with ideas and figuring out the direction we wanted to take the video,” said Isabella.

The winner of the popular vote gets $1,000 for their band program. There was also two other smaller prizes, the most creative submission and best technical performance, which wins $250. Any prize the Lanphier band receives could be a lot of help. The band needs more guitar cases, updated instruments, and many other things. So if the LHS band could just win one prize, it could impact them in many different ways. 

The band had to create a video with at least six students playing the Heartland Credit Union jingle. It had to be within 60 to 120 seconds long. There were five submissions; Chatham Glenwood High School, Riverton High School, Springfield Southeast High school, and of course Lanphier High school. Each school had to come up with a different idea and go in their own creative direction. 

“It was a great experience, and the Heartland song is burned into my brain, but if it helps my band,” said band member Liz Rowe (11) who plays bass drum for the band. It helped bring the band even closer together.

Many teachers were telling their students all about this competition and reminding them each day to vote for Lanphier. Everyday students walked into Mr. Loren Wilson’s class, he mentioned the competition at least once.

“Don’t forget to vote for the LHS band on today, it would really help a lot.”



Hailey Hudspeth 




On the day of November 12, 2019 Lanphier High School will be doing a school wide (with the exception of seniors) testing day. The SAT is the scholastic aptitude test.

Freshman, sophomores, and juniors will be taking part in a testing day. The test will take approximately the first three class periods of the day. The test will vary among students grade levels. Grades 9 and 10 are taking the PSAT which is a predictor for the SAT and grade 11 students will be taking the practice SAT which will serve as a preview for their upcoming SAT in the spring. Every high school participates and is allowed to choose their own date. Lanphier chose November 12 because it matches the day we get back from break in the spring. This will stimulate a more realistic test date for the one in April.

“I believe this type of testing is helpful. It allows students to get a preview of a college admissions test they will take in April 2020. The information they receive from the test allows teachers and students to see what materials/concepts students have areas of need prior to the actual test. Once students see where those areas of need are, they can begin to work on bettering themselves in those areas in order to get the best score they can on the SAT,” says administrator Mr. Chris Barham.

“Eat food before you go in because there is nothing worse than your stomach growling in a dead silent room,” says Rachel McGlothin (12), a senior that’s been there and done that.

Instead of testing, seniors are able to sign up for a variety of things that include: job shadowing, a college visit, a field trip to see historical sites in Springfield, if seniors have a job, they can work, and volunteering. All the seniors have to do is get their permission slip signed and they’re good to go! These slips were due by November 1 with no exceptions.

Just keep in mind that this is a practice test so don’t stress yourself out too much. It’s here to help you know where you stand and where you should be when the time does come for you to take the SAT.

2019 Homecoming Court

Congratulations to the following members of the 2019 Homecoming Court.  All members of Homecoming court are to attend a mandatory meeting WEDNESDAY  morning at    7:45 a.m. in Mrs. Davis’ room ( 249).

Freshman Boy (1)  Kendall Logan

Freshman Girl (1)  Paris St. Clair

Sophomore Boy Deshaun Franklin

 Sophomore Girls (2)         

Gabrielle Owusu

Destini Tomko

Junior Boy Isaiah Miller

 Junior Girls (3)

 Lexie Ausmus

Desiree Joiner       

Keylee Logan

Senior Boys (6)

 Athony Chambers

Connor Goetz        

Riley Kaylor

Rodrick Love

Jesse Rhodes

Keegan Schuerman

Senior Girls (6)

 Nevaeh Borders

Ka’Jah Holman

Lillianna Maguire

Mya Page

Ashanti Santiago

Patience Thomas









Fortnite League State Playoffs

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I’m very proud to bring to your attention that SEVEN Lanphier students have qualified for the Illinois High School Fortnite League State Playoffs this upcoming weekend.

BroQ Dyer (#1 seed)

Donoven Ushman (#3 seed)

Andrew Mytar (#4 seed)

Devione Brady (#5 seed)

Tyler Knoles (#6 seed)

Stanley Morgan (#7 seed)

Devon Ruebling (#8 seed)

This weekend is going to be a great opportunity for Chicago-area schools, schools from elsewhere in the state, and college scouts to see just how dominant this team from the north side of Springfield is. If you see these students this week, please wish them luck as they head into Saturday. With scholarship opportunities exploding in E-Sports, having the achievement of winning a state title (or even getting to the state playoffs) will look very good for college applications in which a student wants to pursue E-Sports.

– Mr. Dalton McGhiey

𝝅 Day

3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993…. you get the point, right? 𝝅 or pi is simply described as one half the perimeter of the circle. In algebra, pi is commonly rounded to 3.14. As a result, every year on March 14, pi day is celebrated in math classes and restaurants across the world. NBC’s article, Pi Day: 7 interesting facts about the most famous number in mathematics, was a pretty interesting read, check these cool facts about pi: Read more