Security at CTs

The LHS basketball season’s most recognizable game is always the city tournament in January of the new year. Many kids from Springfield go to this tournament to support their school on their game day. For many obvious reasons, there are a lot of people that show up; therefore, the security must be exceptionally strict to ensure that everyone is kept in check during the games. Continue reading “Security at CTs”

New Year’s Resolutions

To many people all over the world, the New Year is a time to look at who you are and focus on possible ways to better yourself. This is called a person’s New Year’s resolution. Not everyone does them, but it is a tradition for people who choose to partake in it.  At Lanphier High School, The Roar has interviewed a variety of people about what their New Year’s resolutions are. This variety of people ranges from students, faculty, teachers, and administration. Continue reading “New Year’s Resolutions”

Illinois Pork Grant

At Lanphier High School this November, a pork grant was given to the culinary classes. This is a public grant that many schools applied for, and it was sponsored by the Illinois Pork Association. The grant’s value ranges from $100 to $500. The purpose of this grant from the Illinois Pork Association is to aid in culinary classes in order to help provide awareness of pork and what can be made with it. Continue reading “Illinois Pork Grant”

UPDATE: Homecoming Parade 2018


The Homecoming parade was nothing else but a typical parade. The participants in the parade decorated their vehicles in the school colors as well as promotional advertisements for the Homecoming court. The students used streamers, balloons, and window markers for decorating purposes.

There were only civilian vehicles present in the parade this year. There were no floats or barges at all. The parade moved along its set route with all the cars in line.

There were police present to observe the citizens watching the parade. The passengers in certain vehicles threw candy to the kids and patrons observing. The parade ended at the Memorial Stadium and the people went to the football game afterward.   

—–      Continue reading “UPDATE: Homecoming Parade 2018”

MEET THE EDITORS: Anthony Lewis (12)

Anthony Lewis is a senior at Lanphier High School. Anthony is involved in yearbook. He also enjoys basketball very much and would have liked to play football. He is planning on going to ISU for college for at least four years. He enjoys school as a whole. He does not have a favorite teacher since he has not had problems with any or been super cool with any either. His favorite school lunch is the chicken, which he says is not the best but is not completely bad. Continue reading “MEET THE EDITORS: Anthony Lewis (12)”

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