Security at CTs

The LHS basketball season’s most recognizable game is always the city tournament in January of the new year. Many kids from Springfield go to this tournament to support their school on their game day. For many obvious reasons, there are a lot of people that show up; therefore, the security must be exceptionally strict to ensure that everyone is kept in check during the games. Continue reading “Security at CTs”

Illinois Pork Grant

At Lanphier High School this November, a pork grant was given to the culinary classes. This is a public grant that many schools applied for, and it was sponsored by the Illinois Pork Association. The grant’s value ranges from $100 to $500. The purpose of this grant from the Illinois Pork Association is to aid in culinary classes in order to help provide awareness of pork and what can be made with it. Continue reading “Illinois Pork Grant”

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