Minimum Wage

Illinois has recently passed SB1, which is a bill proposed to raise the minimum wage to $15 an hour for workers 18 and over. Although the increase in minimum wage will not take full effect until 2025. The wage will go up $1.25 every year until we have reached $15. Working teens under 18 will make a little less than adults. The said minimum wage for minors will be raised to $13 an hour. Continue reading “Minimum Wage”

Volunteer Work


The functional life skills and math class at Lanphier High School are giving back to the community.

“My classes have been participating in vocational work at Kumler Ministries bi-weekly. We have helped with a bunch of different things such as sorting and making hygiene kits, opening boxes and stacking food items, like crackers and hamburger helper. We have also prepared food drive bags,” said Ms. Jennifer Landon.    Continue reading “Volunteer Work”

Mr. Lamble’s Rats

Ms. Laura Bohlen’s bearded dragon is not the only creature inside the walls of Lanphier anymore. Lanphier High School now has a furry friend to keep the teachers’ company. There has been a new addition to a certain classroom. Mr. Thomas Lamble adopted a rat from two seniors here at Lanphier. Mr. Lamble’s science room contains a mother, baby, and now some new friends. Continue reading “Mr. Lamble’s Rats”

Basketball Pep Assembly

It was not only the basketball players who were excited for the upcoming City Tournament. Excitement roared throughout Lanphier as the entire school prepared for the games that took place January 16-18. Lanphier, Sacred-Heart Griffin, Springfield, and Southeast competed against each other for the ultimate prize of unlimited bragging rights. You didn’t have to travel far; the games were right here in Springfield at the BOS center.

Watch the video here! Continue reading “Basketball Pep Assembly”

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