Fortnite League State Playoffs

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I’m very proud to bring to your attention that SEVEN Lanphier students have qualified for the Illinois High School Fortnite League State Playoffs this upcoming weekend.

BroQ Dyer (#1 seed)

Donoven Ushman (#3 seed)

Andrew Mytar (#4 seed)

Devione Brady (#5 seed)

Tyler Knoles (#6 seed)

Stanley Morgan (#7 seed)

Devon Ruebling (#8 seed)

This weekend is going to be a great opportunity for Chicago-area schools, schools from elsewhere in the state, and college scouts to see just how dominant this team from the north side of Springfield is. If you see these students this week, please wish them luck as they head into Saturday. With scholarship opportunities exploding in E-Sports, having the achievement of winning a state title (or even getting to the state playoffs) will look very good for college applications in which a student wants to pursue E-Sports.

– Mr. Dalton McGhiey

𝝅 Day

3.1415926535897932384626433832795028841971693993…. you get the point, right? 𝝅 or pi is simply described as one half the perimeter of the circle. In algebra, pi is commonly rounded to 3.14. As a result, every year on March 14, pi day is celebrated in math classes and restaurants across the world. NBC’s article, Pi Day: 7 interesting facts about the most famous number in mathematics, was a pretty interesting read, check these cool facts about pi: Read more

Jennifer Gill: What goes into a weather cancellation

Due to the recent weather cancellations, there have been several additional “emergency days” added to the school calendar. The final day of school is scheduled to be June 3, 2019. But seniors graduate on June 1, 2019. As of February 13, it was decided, final exams will be May 29, 30, and 31, or that Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Juniors and underclassman will be expected to return to school Monday, June 3 for attendance purposes. Seniors will not return after graduation. Read more

Top 10s of 2018

The year 2018 has been wild. Lanphier has seen many administration changes, the county tax bill passed to help the local schools with facility costs, Mr. Adam Lopez was arrested and Turkey Tournaments were changed around. To top it off there has been some really wild weather. It seems like there are only two seasons in central Illinois, boiling hot and frigid cold. To recap the year, we would like to provide to you, the top 10s of 2018. Read more