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On the day of November 12, 2019 Lanphier High School will be doing a school wide (with the exception of seniors) testing day. The SAT is the scholastic aptitude test.

Freshman, sophomores, and juniors will be taking part in a testing day. The test will take approximately the first three class periods of the day. The test will vary among students grade levels. Grades 9 and 10 are taking the PSAT which is a predictor for the SAT and grade 11 students will be taking the practice SAT which will serve as a preview for their upcoming SAT in the spring. Every high school participates and is allowed to choose their own date. Lanphier chose November 12 because it matches the day we get back from break in the spring. This will stimulate a more realistic test date for the one in April.

“I believe this type of testing is helpful. It allows students to get a preview of a college admissions test they will take in April 2020. The information they receive from the test allows teachers and students to see what materials/concepts students have areas of need prior to the actual test. Once students see where those areas of need are, they can begin to work on bettering themselves in those areas in order to get the best score they can on the SAT,” says administrator Mr. Chris Barham.

“Eat food before you go in because there is nothing worse than your stomach growling in a dead silent room,” says Rachel McGlothin (12), a senior that’s been there and done that.

Instead of testing, seniors are able to sign up for a variety of things that include: job shadowing, a college visit, a field trip to see historical sites in Springfield, if seniors have a job, they can work, and volunteering. All the seniors have to do is get their permission slip signed and they’re good to go! These slips were due by November 1 with no exceptions.

Just keep in mind that this is a practice test so don’t stress yourself out too much. It’s here to help you know where you stand and where you should be when the time does come for you to take the SAT.

The cheer zone

Riley Davis

Behind The Scenes Cheer Pep 


Many of you may not know what happens as the cheerleaders prepare for the pep assembly for Homecoming. Cheerleaders put so much time and dedication in preparing for this event; they work Monday and Wednesday 5:15-8p.m. Seniors and some juniors helped make up the routine this year.

“I feel good about how far we’ve come so far,”Coach Kelsey Miller says.

When the team hits the floor, Coach Kelsey says, “I expect you girls to do your best and put your all into this routine. It’s not what you do it’s how you do it! I want you girls to hit everything sharp and also make sure you’re having fun while doing it.”

Alexis Fry (12) made up stunts this year.

“I really had to put my time into thinking what our team could show off, since its my last year. I’m really going to try and make this one the best.”

Nobody will ever know what really happens behind the scenes except the cheerleaders. There have been injuries, sweat, and tears through it all. Stunts have failed and some haven’t worked out. The stunts performed are very dangerous; the cheerleaders can easily get hurt if they don’t execute them right. 

The week of pep is when the team really starts getting hard on themselves Coach Kelsey watches the routines and points out what needs to be done better. 

“Full Out,”is what Coach Miller says. Full Out means hitting everything the way it should be performed on the day of. If anything is messed up while doing the routine, Coach Kelsey will stop the music, and the team redo it all over again, no matter if the girls are at the end of the routine or not. This is when people really start getting hurt and are really pushing themselves.

Before Homecoming, the football boys join the cheerleaders to learn a section of the routine, This has always been something the cheerleaders do. The girls try to have a little fun with the boys. It’s also always fun to have a football player that actually likes to dance.

This year there was one member of the team missing for homecoming, Brittany Douglas (12). This caused the team to need to rework some stunts. 

Brittany wasn’t able to push back  this trip, as she was visiting Alabama A&M. Missing her senior year pep was difficult. 

“It’s really tough. I don’t really know how I feel so much.” 

The overall experience for pep is a memorable experience and is always the best time for cheer. 

Rachel McGlothlin

Kaleb Antonucci


Rachel McGlothlin (12) is a very sweet girl, who is in art and does choir. She has a good singing voice, and is a very good painter who has big dreams. Her favorite teacher is Ms. Lori Saathoff, her choir teacher. The reason she is her favorite teacher is because “She is easy to talk to.”

After graduation, she plans to go to Illinois College for early childhood education. Her favorite TV show is Miraculous Ladybug, even though she thinks it’s for nine year olds. Her favorite form of social media is Snapchat and her favorite genre of music is K-Pop, but BTS specifically.

Most people don’t know this, but she actually has a birthmark on the back of her left leg. 

Alexis Fry

Mercedes Bryant



         Alexis Fry is a Senior this year at Lanphier High School.  She has been a part of the cheerleading team since freshman year and is also a class officer for the Senior class.

Alexis has a red Chevy Malibu and is able to drive herself to school. When asked what her favorite lunch item was, she said she prefers to get chips out of the vending machine.  Although she cannot pick a favorite TV show, her favorite movie is the Fast and Furious.

When it comes to social media, Alexis prefers Facebook and Snap Chat. One thing that she wants everyone to know about her is that she has a big heart. Alexis says that the best part of attending Lanphier would be the environment and the Senior class of 2020. Once she completes high school, Alexis plans on attending college and starting the rest of her life. 

Aysa Williams

Riley Davis



         Aysa Williams is a senior at Lanphier High School. Aysa isn’t in any sports or clubs. Aysa drives, but drives doesn’t quite have a car, yet she plans on buying a black Chevy Malibu. 

Her favorite teacher at Lanphier is Ms. Meredith Anderson because she knows how to help when any student needs it. Her favorite school lunch is fruit, but she would prefer a banana over anything. Her favorite color is purple and her favorite form of social media is Facebook. Aysa’s favorite T.V. show is Lucifer. She listens to R&B and hip/hop. 

Aysa thinks the worst part of Lanphier is that there are way too many kids and the best part is the good teachers and classes. Her plans after graduation are to go to college and proceed to law school.

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