What a Wonderful Time

Christmas is the season for bringing joy and laughter to the world. With lots of wrapping presents and sales going on, there’s a lot to do, but what about spending time with your friends and teachers while taking a break from shopping. Lanphier High School has a celebration of their own with teachers bringing sweet treats and students having the time of their lives because Christmas is near. Continue reading “What a Wonderful Time”

Other Options for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time where family comes together to share their reasons for being thankful. Thanksgiving day is a lot of fun but, here are some options for things to do if you have a brain freeze. The original idea is to visit family and friends houses and spend time on this wonderful holiday. During this time, you can enjoy a good meal while gossipping or playing video games with your friends, cousins, sisters, brothers and whom else. Continue reading “Other Options for Thanksgiving”

New Staff – Mr. Bob Hawley

This year at Lanphier High School has been very strange. With all the new staff members, things can get confusing, especially trying to learn all of these new faces. One person that students should meet is cafeteria manager, Mr. Bob Hawley. Unlike many cafeteria managers, Mr. Hawley was once a teacher who helped teach sign language to those who are deaf, which he did for two years. Mr. Hawley has also worked as an assistant for educating autistic adults and children who were in need of some extra help. Continue reading “New Staff – Mr. Bob Hawley”

Affordable Options for Homecoming

While homecoming is a magical night with lots of laughter and memories, the cost is where a lot of stress and issues come into play. The average cost of a suit is approximately $80-$100. While the price may not seem too bad, some students tend to forget that they also have to purchase shoes, bows, and ties. To top things off, girls have to get their hair done. But not to fear because there are local stores with cheap price options for dresses, makeup, hair, and shoes. Continue reading “Affordable Options for Homecoming”

MEET THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: James Biggers (12)

Imagine packing your car and getting ready to go to school. You start to drive down the road and out of nowhere cars start to honk at you, and people are screaming out of their windows. You keep going because you’re not breaking any law. As you open your sunroof for some fresh air, you realize you left a stack of your school books on the roof of your car. How embarrassing right? Well, this is just one of the many humiliating times of class and Spanish Club President James Biggers. Continue reading “MEET THE EDITOR-IN-CHIEF: James Biggers (12)”

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