LHS Sports Coaches

Mercedes Bryant 


High school sports are one of the extracurricular activities that can change the way your high school experience turns out. Sports bring many things to the table such as having fun, building friendships, and being able to work as a team player. At Lanphier, fall sports include football, boys soccer, volleyball, cross country, tennis, cheerleading, poms, and certain games for the E-sports team. Coaches including Mr. Don Goff, Mr. Mike Garcia, Ms. Hailey Cole, and Mr Joe Casey were interviewed recently and asked questions about their coaching experience at Lanphier and overall.

  Mr. Goff , head coach of the varsity football team, had many good things to say about coaching for Lanphier. Goff has been coaching for a total of 27 years and has been head coach at Lanphier for 18 of those 27 years. Although he has coached at Lanphier for 18 years, they were not consecutive. 

“Working with players and really getting to see them develop into the player they are going to be” is coach Goff’s favorite thing about coaching football. 

Goff’s most memorable moment of all of his years coaching was in 1993. This was the first year of Central State 8 Conference that all sports participate in, and the Lions went undefeated in the conference that year. Goff also had the opportunity to be one of the coaches that coached for all of the Lanphier play- off teams. When it comes time to ending the season, doing all the laundry at the end is Goff’s least favorite thing about being head coach at Lanphier. 

“Most of the people return them unwashed, and it’s really just gross.” 

The next coach was Mr. Garcia. Coach Garcia, who has been coaching cross country at Lanphier for 29 years (37 years total), also had many good things to say. 

“Getting to see young kids improve,  challenge themselves, and figure out what they’re capable of really my favorite thing about coaching.” 

After coaching at one school for 29 years and counting, you are bound to have a memorable moment. Garcia says there are one too many. 

“Every year I say this season is my favorite. It’s very memorable to me when kids come back and show what impact being on cross country has had on them.”

Even after being with teenagers for that long, he is still not hip on technology. His least favorite thing about coaching is not being up to date with how the teeangers are doing things and not understanding why they need to bring phones to practice. 

Another team that makes up Lanphier sports is boys soccer. Mr. Casey has been a coach of boys soccer off and on for 20 years, spending 14 of those years at Lanphier. Coach Casey began coaching at Lanphier in 2006. He enjoys sharing his love of soccer with his players and likes to see them improve over the season. A memorable moment for him happened in 2018 when the team beat Lutheran High School in a penalty kick shootout. Hugging goalkeeper Charlie Hunt(Class of 2019), also made the victory memorable for him. On a team, it’s very important that players are fully committed and put in the work to make the team better.  Coach Casey says that this can be an issue and makes coaching a lot harder. 

Girls tennis also takes place in the fall. Ms. Cole, the tennis coach, is in her second year of coaching at Lanphier High School. Like many other coaches, her most rewarding thing about coaching is being able to see the players progress and better themselves throughout the season. During her first year of coaching, the team won their first match of the season, which goes down as her most memorable moment yet. 

“Seeing how excited the girls were really made it memorable.” 

Tennis unfortunately, seems to be an underrated sport. Cole says that this is her least favorite thing about coaching tennis because due to this, they don’t always get the recognition that they deserve. 

         All together Mr. Goff, Mr. Garcia, Mr. Casey, and Ms. Cole have been coaching for 63 years at Lanphier! These sports have each made an impact on Lanphier , and the image that the school itself gets, and will continue to be key factors to Lanphier.

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