Senior Nights

Senior night 

Destiny Lewis


     Four years, four years of friendships, four years of winning and losing four years of crowds cheering their names, four years of being a part of a team, a family. But the time has come to say goodbye, it’s a farewell and a celebration. 

     Senior night at Lanphier High School gives students a chance to honor the seniors in fall sports and activities for representing our school to the best of their ability for four long years. It gives the seniors a chance to say goodbye, to the field, the coaches, and most importantly the teams. 

     “Senior night is a wonderful opportunity to honor their (the teams) hard work for four years at Lanphier and appreciate their parents for helping them achieve their goals,” said Mr. Chris Hampsey the athletic director at LHS. 

     On October 19, Lanphier’s football team played against Rochester, and during the game, the football team, the band, the golf team, flags and the tennis team were all recognized for their hard work. The students were escorted by a parent or loved one, and each of their names were read aloud. They were handed a rose and shook hands with Dr. Artie Doss and other staff members. 

     The band got to participate, walk down and shake hands but did not receive roses which people found strange, but when speaking to Caroline Cochrane(12)she said that the band really didn’t mind.

     “They asked us (the band) if we would be upset if we didn’t get roses, and we said no because the band will have their own senior night at our last concert.” 

     There were a few teams missing during the ceremony, the cheerleaders and the poms will be recognized when the winter sports have their senior night. The night was a blast, so make sure you check out the next senior night. 

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