School Bookfair

Aysa Williams


October 21-28 was book fair week. The book fair arrived, with many fun gidgets and gadgets such as scented highlighters, calculators that look like chocolate bars, cool pencils, posters, and most importantly books! The book fair was open from 8:24 – 3:17 each day. This was Lanphier High School’s first book fair, in about 10 years. The goal was to sell 125 books which is almost equivalent to the total of $700, and if this goal is reached the school will receive 55% of the money back. This money will be used to spend on new nonfiction books for the school library. 

Although the book fair business hasn’t been too crazy, it has been on track to reach the goal. As of October, 22 Ms. Aly Corcoran, reported that they had sold 73 books, more than halfway to their goal. The library also offered coffee for $1.00, so that anybody could enjoy, no book purchase necessary. 

At the time of this article, Ms. Corcoran hadn’t bought any books yet, but definitely planned on buying some. She highly recommended “The Hate You Give” as one of the number one books in the book fair, that she had personally read so far. The book fair was and most definitely great for the students because it encouraged the students to read. They got the chance to actually hold, touch, and view the book before buying it. They get the elementary experience back, and it gave them such a big opportunity. 

“Ms. Corcoran has done a lot of impressive work, and I’m very excited that somebody could bring a book fair to a high school since it’s been so long that Lanphier has had one,” said Ms. Monique Davis.



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