Hailey Hudspeth 




On the day of November 12, 2019 Lanphier High School will be doing a school wide (with the exception of seniors) testing day. The SAT is the scholastic aptitude test.

Freshman, sophomores, and juniors will be taking part in a testing day. The test will take approximately the first three class periods of the day. The test will vary among students grade levels. Grades 9 and 10 are taking the PSAT which is a predictor for the SAT and grade 11 students will be taking the practice SAT which will serve as a preview for their upcoming SAT in the spring. Every high school participates and is allowed to choose their own date. Lanphier chose November 12 because it matches the day we get back from break in the spring. This will stimulate a more realistic test date for the one in April.

“I believe this type of testing is helpful. It allows students to get a preview of a college admissions test they will take in April 2020. The information they receive from the test allows teachers and students to see what materials/concepts students have areas of need prior to the actual test. Once students see where those areas of need are, they can begin to work on bettering themselves in those areas in order to get the best score they can on the SAT,” says administrator Mr. Chris Barham.

“Eat food before you go in because there is nothing worse than your stomach growling in a dead silent room,” says Rachel McGlothin (12), a senior that’s been there and done that.

Instead of testing, seniors are able to sign up for a variety of things that include: job shadowing, a college visit, a field trip to see historical sites in Springfield, if seniors have a job, they can work, and volunteering. All the seniors have to do is get their permission slip signed and they’re good to go! These slips were due by November 1 with no exceptions.

Just keep in mind that this is a practice test so don’t stress yourself out too much. It’s here to help you know where you stand and where you should be when the time does come for you to take the SAT.

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