Battle Of The Bands

Alexis Fry

The Battle of the Bands

The Battle of the Bands was a contest sponsored by Heartland Credit Union. It was put on by They were holding a competition to see which group or band could record their jingle using the most creativity and best playing. 

Mr. Emerson James, who is the band director at LHS, decided to enter the Lanphier’s band.

 “I thought it would be a fun endeavor for our band to compete in. It was a blast!”

The band was able to brainstorm ideas. Mr. James and co-director Isabella Mott (12) worked together to spice together all of the footage. The band had to come up with ideas of what they wanted to film. 

“It was a lot of fun coming up with ideas and figuring out the direction we wanted to take the video,” said Isabella.

The winner of the popular vote gets $1,000 for their band program. There was also two other smaller prizes, the most creative submission and best technical performance, which wins $250. Any prize the Lanphier band receives could be a lot of help. The band needs more guitar cases, updated instruments, and many other things. So if the LHS band could just win one prize, it could impact them in many different ways. 

The band had to create a video with at least six students playing the Heartland Credit Union jingle. It had to be within 60 to 120 seconds long. There were five submissions; Chatham Glenwood High School, Riverton High School, Springfield Southeast High school, and of course Lanphier High school. Each school had to come up with a different idea and go in their own creative direction. 

“It was a great experience, and the Heartland song is burned into my brain, but if it helps my band,” said band member Liz Rowe (11) who plays bass drum for the band. It helped bring the band even closer together.

Many teachers were telling their students all about this competition and reminding them each day to vote for Lanphier. Everyday students walked into Mr. Loren Wilson’s class, he mentioned the competition at least once.

“Don’t forget to vote for the LHS band on today, it would really help a lot.”


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