The cheer zone

Riley Davis

Behind The Scenes Cheer Pep 


Many of you may not know what happens as the cheerleaders prepare for the pep assembly for Homecoming. Cheerleaders put so much time and dedication in preparing for this event; they work Monday and Wednesday 5:15-8p.m. Seniors and some juniors helped make up the routine this year.

“I feel good about how far we’ve come so far,”Coach Kelsey Miller says.

When the team hits the floor, Coach Kelsey says, “I expect you girls to do your best and put your all into this routine. It’s not what you do it’s how you do it! I want you girls to hit everything sharp and also make sure you’re having fun while doing it.”

Alexis Fry (12) made up stunts this year.

“I really had to put my time into thinking what our team could show off, since its my last year. I’m really going to try and make this one the best.”

Nobody will ever know what really happens behind the scenes except the cheerleaders. There have been injuries, sweat, and tears through it all. Stunts have failed and some haven’t worked out. The stunts performed are very dangerous; the cheerleaders can easily get hurt if they don’t execute them right. 

The week of pep is when the team really starts getting hard on themselves Coach Kelsey watches the routines and points out what needs to be done better. 

“Full Out,”is what Coach Miller says. Full Out means hitting everything the way it should be performed on the day of. If anything is messed up while doing the routine, Coach Kelsey will stop the music, and the team redo it all over again, no matter if the girls are at the end of the routine or not. This is when people really start getting hurt and are really pushing themselves.

Before Homecoming, the football boys join the cheerleaders to learn a section of the routine, This has always been something the cheerleaders do. The girls try to have a little fun with the boys. It’s also always fun to have a football player that actually likes to dance.

This year there was one member of the team missing for homecoming, Brittany Douglas (12). This caused the team to need to rework some stunts. 

Brittany wasn’t able to push back  this trip, as she was visiting Alabama A&M. Missing her senior year pep was difficult. 

“It’s really tough. I don’t really know how I feel so much.” 

The overall experience for pep is a memorable experience and is always the best time for cheer. 

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