The functional life skills and math class at Lanphier High School are giving back to the community.

“My classes have been participating in vocational work at Kumler Ministries bi-weekly. We have helped with a bunch of different things such as sorting and making hygiene kits, opening boxes and stacking food items, like crackers and hamburger helper. We have also prepared food drive bags,” said Ms. Jennifer Landon.   

Volunteers help the community by providing much-needed help for free. Kumler ministries would not be able to have food drives or a shopping center if there were no volunteers.

Many times, organizations don’t have the money to hire help in the budget. Ms. Landon’s students prepare the items which are used for the Kumler Food Pantry shopping days. Shopping days allow people to come in and get the food they need for free. The students are a great help to the organization, and Lanphier High can help too.

“My class is accepting donations of clothing items and hygiene items for Kumler Ministries. Please send any donations to Ms. Landon’s class, room 227, and we will deliver them when we go to work,” said Ms. Landon.