The Compass Program

The purpose of the Compass Program is to provide academic and social-emotional support to empower at-risk children and families. Compass works on educating children and recognizes that social, emotional, and life skills contribute to their well being and academic success.

The Compass Program was founded in 2011 by Ms. Molly Berendt. Ms. Berendt is 23 years old and is the executive director of the program.

Compass was the first program in Springfield to target homeless students. In 2012, Compass became a program for the Family Service Center and expanded to more schools and students.

In 2018, the Compass Program was rebranded to Club Compass for the school year. For programs during the summer, they also created Camp Compass and Camp Care A lot all in Springfield, Illinois.

According to, their vision is “All children in our community experience success and reach their full potential.”

James Biggers (12) found out about the program through a National Honors Society meeting where volunteers came and talked to the student’s, and he decided to volunteer.

“I wanted to make a difference within the kids’ lives and social skills and kind of be a mentor for them and help them grow socially,” stated James when asked why he decided to join the Compass program.

Compass is always taking new volunteers for any of their programs, if you are interested in volunteering and helping make a difference in a child’s life, email the head of the program and arrange a time to meet.

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