Seniors Staying on Track

Heading towards the end of the second semester, with about 9% of the senior class already graduated and most seniors already decided plans after graduation, it is normal to think that other than stressing for the constitution test, seniors wouldn’t take the rest of the year seriously. So the question is, do seniors take the second semester as seriously as the rest of their high school career?

“It’s hard because seniors get in the state of mind that we are automatically going to graduate, so we just start to lack off on important things. When in reality, it is possible to fall behind faster than you think. I feel like seniors start to lose focus mid-school year, and then when graduation is around the corner, we all try to hurry and turn in late work,” said Faith Nation (12).

The end of the year is the most important. It’s when most seniors hurry and try to get everything together, so they’ll be able to graduate. Most seniors try to stay as focused as possible and do all assignments.

“There are only a quarter and a half left in school, but some people skip school for no reason and then their grades end up dropping. Our whole lives have revolved around school. We should not give up just at the end. My dad always told me, you should always finish something you start,” said Karl Wright (12).                                                                

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