Every year, Mr. Thomas Lamble has his physics students make bridges for the annual bridge design competition. This bridge design competition is hosted by the Illinois Society of Engineers. This year will be the 41st annual competition. The competition encompasses students from each district school. This competition is held to help encourage students to think about engineering as a career.

Mr. Lamble submitted 17 bridges from his physics classes in the competition. The students can only use manilla folders and wood glue to make and design the bridges. The design must be a Howard truss bridge design, and the weight must be 100 grams or under. The bridges must also meet certain height and dimension requirements. The judges then measure how much tension (pull) weight that each bridge can hold by dangling a bucket of sand underneath it. They then divide the weight of the bridge by the sand to determine a winner.

The first place prize for the winner was $150. There were also 2nd and 3rd place prizes as well as prizes for the best design award and neatest bridge award.

“The students enjoy it, and it helps them to be interested in a possible career in engineering,” stated Mr. Lamble.

The students began the bridges around Thanksgiving. They then built their bridges and had two to three days each week to work on them, as well as their own time at home. All the students finished by February 15.

“The competition was at the mall at 6:00 p.m. on February 22,” according to Mr. Lamble

The competition went really well for Lanphier. Lanphier got 3rd place overall in the competition. Lanphier also won for best constructive bridge and best innovative bridge. The team from Lanphier who performed the best were Abigail Hunt (12) and Ethan Anderson (12), who placed 4th overall in the competition.