Mr. Lamble’s Rats

Ms. Laura Bohlen’s bearded dragon is not the only creature inside the walls of Lanphier anymore. Lanphier High School now has a furry friend to keep the teachers’ company. There has been a new addition to a certain classroom. Mr. Thomas Lamble adopted a rat from two seniors here at Lanphier. Mr. Lamble’s science room contains a mother, baby, and now some new friends.

“I like having the little guys in here. It’s fun to just watch them wander around and interact with each other,” said Mr. Lamble

The baby is no more than a month old and Mr. Lamble recently just got some new rats donated to add to the little family.  Sydney Esela (12) and Dohn Campbell (12)  have been helping Mr. Lamble get into the swing of having little rodents in his room. Students are intrigued by the rats.

“Mr. Lamble wanted to try having a class pet, so me and Dohn (sic.) talked about it. Now he has rats. They’re super easy to take care of. We feed them a guinea pig diet and make sure they always have water. Any small rodent can have the guinea pig diet, so I figured it would work for them too,” said Sydney Esela.

Though the furry little creatures do not have any names, it does not stop them from being adorable. If you get some spare time in your busy school day, stop by Mr. Lamble’s room and greet the schools’ new furry friends.

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