As we start off the second semester with the early graduates already gone, seniors become more and more anxious to graduate. The hallways and classrooms look a little bare without the whole senior class present.

“On a good day, only about 249 seniors are on track to graduate. Fifteen seniors graduated early and about 50 have dropped out already. The senior class is getting smaller and smaller as the year goes on,” said Ms. Florine Brooks

Stressors shift their focus on college and life after high school rather than just high school. More and more college visits are being scheduled, hoping that the LHS seniors will choose them for their upcoming year.

“I recently just committed to Southeastern for college volleyball. It makes graduating more and more exciting now that I have a direct plan for college,” Stephanie Wilson (12)

Some seniors already have their agenda filled in, they know exactly what they want to do following graduation. Although for the rest of the class, they still have very important decisions to make.

“I’m planning on joining the Army after high school. I’m excited to be a grownup, and I can’t wait to be out on my own,” Brianna Jennings (12)

Senioritis is hitting seniors like a tidal wave. They are all so close to graduation, yet so far. There are roughly four months until graduation with much to do in between. Caps and gowns are being ordered and paid off, college letters are being submitted, and more time is being committed to jobs. Seniors are ready to be out and in the real world.

“I’m so ready for summer, but I also can’t wait until I graduate. I will be a little sad when it’s all over with though,” Vanessa Voyles (12)

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