Early graduates

Senior year is an exciting time in your life, especially if you can graduate early, which only a small amount of students get to do.

To graduate early, students needed to make sure they had enough credits. Early graduates finish taking classes in December, but they participate in all the senior activities like prom, the senior field trip, and graduation on June 1.

One of the early graduates this year was Sharee’ Rice. Since she has graduated, she now spends most of her time working, spending time with her boyfriend, or preparing for the arrival of her baby brother. When asked if she regrets anything about graduating early she stated:

“The only thing I regret about graduating early is not finishing Poms this year.”

Another early graduate is Ali Owens. She is glad that she was able to graduate because she was able to leave early and start her career in the Navy.

“I do regret graduating early because now I have no friends to hang out with,” states Ali.

Graduating early is a very exciting privilege, as long as you stay on track and keep up your credits then anyone can graduate early.

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