The lack of spirit is real at Lanphier

Lanphier is known for our great basketball team, making it to state just two years ago, and winning the city tournament. Lanphier students, however, just do not seem to care enough to show their pride. Who is to blame? Is it the students? The teachers?

Lexie Ausmus (10) is not a cheerleader, but she still goes to the games to show her pride for Lanphier.

“The kids at Lanphier just don’t seem to get involved with the sports and activities as they do in other high schools. They don’t really go to the games as much. Thinking that we would win the city tournament, you would think that we would have a [better] spirit section. I think students go to the games more to just be with their friends.”

Is Lanphier student body really to blame, or is there an outside clause to the problem?

“Honestly, I think it’s up to the students if they want to go or not. I go to the games, but all my friends are cheerleaders, and they want me to go to watch them, and yeah that’s why I go,” says Lexie.

Christina King (12) thinks the teachers should be more involved with the student body and Lanphier’s teams. While Vanessa Voyles (12) thinks there is little to no hope concerning Lanphier spirit.

“I think it is the way it is, and it won’t change. I think students here at Lanphier just don’t care, and there is a general lack of interest,” Vanessa expressed.

“I don’t think very many teachers are enthusiastic [about the school spirit] – and your freshman year, they should be teaching you this. I think teachers are more concerned about their classes and what lessons they have to teach, rather than showing their pride for Lanphier. We don’t have any [school spirit] at all. I could have more [school spirit], definitely,” Christina said.

But the real question is, is that enough? We’d love to hear about your opinion on school spirit down below, in the comment section!

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