Security at CTs

The LHS basketball season’s most recognizable game is always the city tournament in January of the new year. Many kids from Springfield go to this tournament to support their school on their game day. For many obvious reasons, there are a lot of people that show up; therefore, the security must be exceptionally strict to ensure that everyone is kept in check during the games.

Many security protocols are in effect to be sure that people behave appropriately and are kept safe. As usual, attendees must be wanded before entering the stadium, after buying tickets. This year, according to Officer Ryan Leach of the Springfield Police Department who is also Lanphier High School’s resource officer, “Metal detectors have been added to make searching easier for the police.”

This is the first year for this to be enacted, so hopefully, it will help positively with people trying to sneak in unauthorized items. Along with the security at the front doors, each year the participating schools have their administrators there to observe the games and the people watching them. The different schools each also contribute a few of their own security guards to help out and keep an eye on things as well.

“City Police usually have 15 to 20 officers on station in the stadium,” stated Officer Leach.

As for when the games are over, there are usually patrol officers outside to monitor the crowd leaving the building. On the outside of the building, the police have two sky cameras posted to monitor the crowds going in and out to detect any shady characters that could possibly want to enter or exit as well.

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