Basketball Pep Assembly

It was not only the basketball players who were excited for the upcoming City Tournament. Excitement roared throughout Lanphier as the entire school prepared for the games that took place January 16-18. Lanphier, Sacred-Heart Griffin, Springfield, and Southeast competed against each other for the ultimate prize of unlimited bragging rights. You didn’t have to travel far; the games were right here in Springfield at the BOS center.

Watch the video here!

“I love going to City Tournaments. The games are so intense, and everyone gets so hyped up and wild, it’s great,” said Sierra Lamury (10)

Lanphier High School hosted their traditional pre-game pep assembly to get the players and students ready for an awesome game. The assembly took place at a different time and day than in the past years due to a schedule change of the games. It was on Wednesday, January 16 during 7th hour.   The cheerleaders and poms brought their A-game as they performed crowd-pleasing routines with only one hiccup. One of our very own cheerleaders had medical complications mid-performance and medical personnel rushed to her side. The show went on as she recovered from the incident.

“My favorite part of every pep assembly is being able to perform [with the flag’s team] and see all of the other teams putting on an amazing show and hyping up the crowd. It really helps everyone get excited for CT’s,” said Erin Knuth (10).

Although Lanphier did not win the game on Wednesday night, everyone tried their hardest and left their all out on the court. Good job to everyone who participated in the pep-assembly and the City Tournaments.

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