Spirit week for CT at LHS

City tournaments have been a big thing over the years. Three nights of city basketball. What can get better than that?

Each of the four schools, Southeast High, Sacred Heart-Griffin, Springfield High and Lanphier High, playing in the tournament have a spirit week the week of city tournament to show school spirit.

At Lanphier High School, each day has a different theme that students are supposed to participate in. Other than just ordering your city t-shirts, participating in spirit week is a different way to show your school spirit.

Monday, January 14 was onesie day.

Tuesday, January 15 was Mathletes vs. Athlete Day.

Wednesday, January 16 was College Gear Day.

Thursday, January 17 was Country vs. Country Club Day.

Friday, January 18 was Orange and Black Day.  

On Monday, January 14, there were about 50 people who wore their onesies.

“My onesie was all pink, and I had worn my fuzzy house shoes to go with it, and I was comfortable all day,” said Makayla Williams (11).

On Tuesday, January 15 Mathletes vs. Athlete Day, hardly anyone wore anything to participate in this day.

Wednesday, January 16, College Gear Day, mostly only the teachers wore college gear.

On Thursday, January 17, Country vs. Country Club Day there wasn’t anybody who participated in this spirit day.

“Which is sad, we need more people to participate in the spirit days, or maybe we need better spirit week choices that people would want to participate in,” said Shain Chairs (12).

But, on Friday, January 18, Orange and Black Day, Orange and Black could be seen scattered in the halls of Lanphier High School.

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