What a Wonderful Time

Christmas is the season for bringing joy and laughter to the world. With lots of wrapping presents and sales going on, there’s a lot to do, but what about spending time with your friends and teachers while taking a break from shopping. Lanphier High School has a celebration of their own with teachers bringing sweet treats and students having the time of their lives because Christmas is near.

“The culinary class will be selling reindeer brownies, red velvet cookies, sugar cookies, pretzel rods, glass candy, and many more sweet treats for $0.50,” said Desiree Joiner (10).

There will be one type of cookie dough for purchase which is chocolate chip and a variety of different cake batter which is $0.50 an ounce. The cookie dough and cake batter are made by Lanphier students in the culinary class.

“All proceeds will be used to help purchase new supplies for the culinary class,” said Ms. Heidi Beck.

Lanphier teachers and staff are having quite the time with a game of their own. Teachers and staff are going head to head with who’s room door will be decorated better than the other. There is no grand prize, but the competition between the decorated doors and classrooms not only shares the Christmas spirit, but it also makes the school halls a lot more joyful to walk down when students are having a stressful day.

Some staff and teachers such as Ms. Lori Hedges decorate their rooms by putting up Christmas lights, signs, Christmas decorated tablecloths, and much more. Some teachers put together displays with the help of students. Which is very pretty to look at and takes a lot of energy to do, but it is worth it. Enjoying time with friends you care for and creating good memories surrounded by a winter wonderland is always something of which to look forward.

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