New Year’s Resolutions

To many people all over the world, the New Year is a time to look at who you are and focus on possible ways to better yourself. This is called a person’s New Year’s resolution. Not everyone does them, but it is a tradition for people who choose to partake in it.  At Lanphier High School, The Roar has interviewed a variety of people about what their New Year’s resolutions are. This variety of people ranges from students, faculty, teachers, and administration.



Stephanie Wade: “Change my attitude, improve my grades, come to school more often, and to get more friends.”


Radarrious Jackson: “Keep focused and not get distracted, keep grades up, be a positive influence to others, be sure to give back to others.”


Naudya Klekamp: “Study in general, make new friends, better my mental health, and get better grades.”


Anthony Fairconnetue: “Study more, get better grades, be more positive, work on basketball more.”


Caimin Johnston: “Keep losing weight, start studying, keep my grades above C’s, and reduce the amount of procrastination I do.”



Eli Wood: “Eat healthier, lift more weights, practice harder for football and wrestling, and to pass English class in general.”


Matahya Dougherty: “Stop procrastinating, bring my grades up, and to stay in basketball.”


Aisha Ashford: “Get at least a 4.0 GPA, become a nicer person, lose 10 pounds, and donate blood.”


Lexie Ausmus: “Eat healthier, to stop procrastinating, to get straight A’s, and to exercise more.”



Marquez Elam: “Get good grades, stay out of trouble, to run track, and to play football.”


Montrell Richards: “Make more money as an entrepreneur, spend more time with family, break my record at the 400m dash, read a Bible.”


Blake Eades: “Stay calm and humble, save money, get better grades.”


Tommy Reed: “Work out more, eat less and healthier, and get better grades.”



Joseph Whitehorn: “Gain 10 pounds of muscle, make honor roll, go to Western Illinois for college.”


Chad Saner: “To have straight A’s, gain 15 pounds of muscle, become faster at running, sign E1 for college, get a part-time job.”


Maleckei Dougherty: “To work out on a regular routine, keep my shoes clean, put in more applications and hopefully get a new job, and keep my grades up.”


Tiarra Wilder: “To pass government, to go to Indiana State for college, work on time and money management, change my daily routine, and try a new food, which would be sushi.”


Jada Harrington: “To get better grades, to get accepted to more colleges, to graduate perriodddt!, to get a new car, to find a man, and to get more scholarships.”


Barbara Volkman: “Use my gym membership, be more positive, actually accomplish my resolutions for once.”


Tom Lamble: “Drink better wine, get out more, accomplish resolutions one and two.”


Kristen Jurgins: “Exercise more, go to see the Rolling Stones, get a Subaru, go to Michigan and Chicago, and quit smoking squares.”



Monica Bowling: “Be a good grandma, be a good mother, be a good person, be a good worker.”


Rosa Parra: “Help the environment, be a good person, help cats, to be healthy and rich.”


Josh Terry: “Film a short film, complete an album of music, get a new car, make sure my kids are taken care of very well.”


Calvin Mckinney: “Get a bigger house, acquire more money, help someone in need, to have more patience.”



Dr. Artie Doss: “Build better relationships with all students, support the Lanphier staff, be a role model in my community, spend more time with my family and friends.”


Geneka Gully: “Journal more, eat better and more healthy food, fast more often, love my momma better, and forgive people more often.”

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