Christmas Gifts and Deals

We all know Christmas can be a stressful time while wanting to buy gifts for others, at the same time of figuring out what to buy everyone. Some items that are on the wish list could be way out of the budget. It could take days until you are able to find the right gifts. Maybe just ask your loved ones what they might want for Christmas is an option.

“The best part of this Holiday is going shopping,” said Megan Hyde (12).

Besides the large crowds, Black Friday is the best time to go shopping for big items for its low prices.     

“I really do not like the big crowds, and I will rather go shopping online than going to the mall,” said Cierra Atkins (10). Cyber Monday is also a good day to go shopping to get deals on big items.

Cyber Monday usually lasts for the whole week after Black Friday.

“With all the clothing ads that pop up on my timeline, it is hard for me not to spend money on them. I got a $200 pair of jeans for 20% off,” said Marvin Broomfield(12). True Religion had 20% off on all of their guy jeans.

Some deals are better than others. At American Eagle, the whole store bought one get one half off.  While online, everything was 40% off plus free shipping.

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