Illinois Pork Grant

At Lanphier High School this November, a pork grant was given to the culinary classes. This is a public grant that many schools applied for, and it was sponsored by the Illinois Pork Association. The grant’s value ranges from $100 to $500. The purpose of this grant from the Illinois Pork Association is to aid in culinary classes in order to help provide awareness of pork and what can be made with it.

Most schools generally receive $350. Lanphier received $400, a little bit higher than the average. The grant is given out rotationally each year, and Lanphier just managed to land it. The Pork Association has to be paid for the pork up front when the application for the grant is filed, but the school is reimbursed when everything is submitted and approved. The pork must be used specifically for purchasing pork.

“The pork should last until the end of the semester at least,” stated Ms. Heidi Beck, the culinary classes teacher at Lanphier.

She plans to save some of the pork for next semester as well since it is a large sum of pork that was purchased.

She states that it should last a while, since “each group is doing different dishes in each class.”

These dishes range from bacon to pulled pork, to pork chops, and much more.

This grant from the Illinois Pork Association will help the students in the culinary classes by giving them more meat for their dishes. The grant will also help Ms. Beck, as she will be able to spread out the food much longer over the entirety of her classes.  

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