Other Options for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is a time where family comes together to share their reasons for being thankful. Thanksgiving day is a lot of fun but, here are some options for things to do if you have a brain freeze. The original idea is to visit family and friends houses and spend time on this wonderful holiday. During this time, you can enjoy a good meal while gossipping or playing video games with your friends, cousins, sisters, brothers and whom else.

Other than having an eating fest you can spend family time in the living room while watching the big Thanksgiving game known as Abes Round is always another option. There’s nothing more perfect than hearing your dad and uncles yell to the top of their lungs about the fact that their team is losing. During this year’s Abe’s Round, the two rival teams the Lanphier Lions and the Southeast Spartans will face off. Along with that the Lanphier Lions and the Springfield Senators will face off as well. The game will last about four and a half hours long including player recognition and live performances.

If you are not a football fan watching movies like Free Birds, A Family’s Thanksgiving, A Charlie Brown Thanksgiving, Mall Cop and any more are always another choice. While watching a movie, you can eat popcorn, share some laughs and create memories with your loved ones. Thanksgiving day is a time of love and care to show some spirit anywhere you go.

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