Thanksgiving Survey

Many of us celebrate Thanksgiving by chowing down on big piles of food that have been preparing since the night before. There are so many delicious dishes that it is difficult to know what to choose from because all of it can not fit on your plate at once.

At Lanphier High School, multiple teachers were asked to take a Thanksgiving based survey. There were ten staff members included in this survey.

One question asked was, “Do you eat out for Thanksgiving or do you eat at home?” Forty percent said they eat out, while the other 60% say they eat at home.

“My family has Christmas the day after Thanksgiving at my house since everyone is so far from each other, and we’re already together,“ said Ms. Kristin Jurgens.

The next question asked, “Have you ever passed off a store-bought dish as your own?” Forty percent responded yes, while the other 60% say they never have passed off a store-bought dish as their own.

All of the staff members interviewed serve pie at Thanksgiving, but only half of them serve pies that are homemade.

Half of the staff members use disposable plates while the other half doesn’t.

“I  hate to stay later than I have to at my in-law’s house to help clean up after dinner. So about two years ago, we started to buy disposable plates,” said Mr. Joe Dulski.

Watching football the night of Thanksgiving is a popular thing to do. Out of the staff members interviewed, 70% say they do watch football that night.

I don’t watch football that night because I want to, it’s only because I have to. I am usually going through Black Friday ads in front of the T.V. while my husband watches,” said Ms. Monique Davis.

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