Pumpkin Capital of the World

Every year when the fall season takes over, the pumpkin becomes very popular. There are pumpkin patches, pumpkins in a jar, pumpkin seeds, and so much more. The demand for this stuff skyrockets during this time.

According to the AgriculturalMarketingResourceCenter.com, in the United States there are six states that are the top producers of pumpkins: Illinois, Michigan, New York, Ohio, Pennsylvania and California. Illinois produces more pumpkin than the other five states combined, with a whopping 496 million pounds of pumpkins; 90% of the nation’s canning pumpkins grow in Illinois as stated in, Illinois: The Great Pumpkin State written by Joanie Stier,

“We have limited recreation opportunities; we don’t have oceans. We don’t have mountains. But Illinois has tons of pumpkins. In fact, farms throughout the state grew more than 278,000 tons last year.”

According to a news report entitled, Morton, Illinois: The Pumpkin Capital of the World on WGN9, the main producer in Illinois is Morton. Morton is a small town with a population of 16,000. Morton grows more pumpkins than all 49 other states combined. Nestle which also makes chocolate products, partners with Morton area farmers to make the leading canned pumpkin brand, Libby’s canned pumpkin.

Due to the fact that Illinois is the leading state in pumpkin production, in 2014,

“State Representative Keith Sommer from Morton introduced legislation to make pumpkin pie the official state pie.” In 2015, Governor Bruce Rauner signed the bill for pumpkin pie to be the official state pie.

Illinois is a Midwest state that does not have many recreation areas that bring tourists, but, we have many pumpkin farms and an abundant amount of pumpkins that get sent to many warehouses around the world.

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