Trick-or-Treating Age Limit?

As the month of October rolls around, the Halloween spirit starts to take over. People become excited and anxious for the last day of October, so they can show off their costumes and go door to door collecting candy. When this day rolls around, the only people who get candy are kids. Candy givers will give teens a wacky look and only give them a few pieces of candy but will spoil the kids with handfuls. Teens get frustrated because they also want to join in on this once-a-year activity, oblivious that people have already formed an age limit on trick or treating.

After researching the topic of a trick or treating age limit, the age that was constantly brought up was 12 years old. Twelve years old is the general age limit on trick or treating, so that is why teens tend to get looked at funny when they show up at a door in a costume saying, “trick or treat!”

In some cities, they barred teens from trick or treating by creating a law. In Belleville, Illinois, according to an article titled, Are Teenage Trick-or-Treaters Breaking the Law? on states:

“The basic reasoning behind most of these age caps makes sense; some citizens get a little spooked when costumed teenagers who are physically mature show up at their door. Plus, a lot of people are of the opinion that trick-or-treating is really more of an activity for little kids. The penalties for violating the age cap can be pretty stiff for a teenager: jail time and fines of over $100.”

Many people have opinions that compete against teens trick or treating because they believe that it is a kids activity. Teens do not agree.

Many people have different opinions about the topic. Should it be a kids holiday? Or should it be open for everyone? It is a controversy that still is a problem that many people want to be solved.

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