Horror Movies

What is better than watching horror movies on a Halloween night? Nothing! Horror movies on a Halloween night are even scarier than watching them on a regular night.

“There is this movie actually called Halloween that comes out October 19 that I want to see so bad, but I’m going to just wait until Halloween night to go see it because I feel like it’ll be more interesting,” said Stanley Morgan(12).

There have been plenty of horror movies that have been released in 2018. The best horror movie of this year so far according to Vulture.com is Heredity.

“I went to see Heredity about two weeks after it released just because of the hype and the thrillers, I didn’t find it scary at all. Others make it seem as if it was the most horrifying thing ever,” said Shain Chairs(12).

Some people like to watch different types of horror movies like possession, slasher, zombie, psychological, and urban legend; however; possession/domestic movies are the best to watch. They are best because it is more interesting to watch this type of movie than slasher movies where the killer just runs around and kills everyone. There is nothing more terrifying than watching a movie about a person possessed by a demon.


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