Haunted Houses and Hayrides

As Halloween approaches, haunted houses and hayrides are opening up. Haunted houses have been around since before anyone can remember. They are something fun you can do every year with your family or friends.

Illinois has a bunch of haunted houses/hayrides all over.

“Riverside hayrides [are] one of the scariest rated haunts in the Springfield area and they are rising higher on the list because of their addition of scenes,” stated Haley McClanahan (12).

There is also the Boo Crew Haunted House. It is located in Mechanicsburg and is open from 7 pm to 11 pm on Friday’s and Saturday’s; the cost is $17 a person.

“ I think haunted houses are scary and some of them allow the people to touch you, and I do not like that” stated Tatiana Donald (12).

There are some haunted houses up by Chicago and St. Louis that are supposed to be really good. One is called 13 floors which is located in Chicago. At this haunted house, you have to sign a waiver to go in. If you are able to make it through, you get your money back. There is also one in Chicago called Blackout where they send you in with nothing but a glow stick, so it makes it even scarier for everyone.

Even though haunted houses can be fun, they can also be dangerous. Kids can get separated from their parents, so parents have to make sure they stay with their child the whole time.

Everyone should enjoy the haunted houses this year since they are only around for a short time. Have fun with your friends or family and be safe.


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