Halloween Costumes

Finding a costume for Halloween is an exciting past-time in Fall. One of the big worries is finding a costume that is suitable age wise. A costume for a four-year-old would look too immature for a 20-year-old. Many mothers and fathers have opinions on age appropriate costumes for children.

“A ladybug, Paw Patrol, Minnie Mouse, and stuff like that are suitable for younger children, but you wouldn’t see young adults 13 and up wearing that,” said a local mom, Kristian McKinney.

Another mom worries about the image it reflects.

“Reveal your age, not your body. Costumes are not an excuse to underdress yourself. They are meant to be scary or funny not [vulgar] or offensive,” said Sydonia Bales.

Some of the trendiest costumes for children are the characters for the movie The Incredibles. The second movie was released this year inspiring many to dress up as their favorite super family! For older party goers, pop culture inspired many amazing costumes like the Walmart Yodeling Boy. Complete the look with a white button up and a cowboy hat! For something more daring, you can go as one of many characters from the Marvel movie, Black Panther. Using a black bodysuit and metallic paint, you can make T’Challa’s famous suit.

You can either purchase a costume or make one at home. Walmart, JCPenney, Party City, Spirit Halloween, and many others sell costumes. You could even purchase one on Amazon and never have to leave your home! Making a costume can be loads of fun too. You can find old clothes, jewelry, and other accessories to complete a costume and if you want to bring some eeriness into the mix, just add some blood, cuts, and bruises!  


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