Lanphier High School really limits their celebration of Halloween. There are no costumes allowed whatsoever, no masks, no face paints,

“Even if you show up in something as simple as  a Michael Jackson tracksuit, it is not allowed,” according to Mr. Chris Barham

According to Mr. Brian Caton, the last time he remembers anything Halloween related being allowed was “around ten years ago when basic costumes were allowed.”

The reason for this is that the school district deems it to be too distracting for the students in their classes. The elementary schools in the district are allowed to wear costumes, within reason.

For the first time, however, this year the teachers had a door decorating competition which was promoted by Ms. Lori Hedges. The contest consisted of basic decorations such as lights, stickers, and ornaments too.

The art department has been doing a few minor decorations in their windows too; such as student drawings for Halloween, as well as  Ms. Kristen Jurgen’s Jason mask that she put on a mannequin in her window to celebrate. The art department has also shown Halloween spirit this year by hosting a pumpkin carving contest with different designs for each pumpkin and having the students vote on which is the best one. That is how Lanphier High School celebrates Halloween.