This year at Lanphier High School has been very strange. With all the new staff members, things can get confusing, especially trying to learn all of these new faces. One person that students should meet is cafeteria manager, Mr. Bob Hawley. Unlike many cafeteria managers, Mr. Hawley was once a teacher who helped teach sign language to those who are deaf, which he did for two years. Mr. Hawley has also worked as an assistant for educating autistic adults and children who were in need of some extra help.

Mr. Hawley enjoyed cooking so much that after his four years in college and working as a teacher, he attended college again to proceed in getting a degree in cooking. After getting his degree, Mr. Hawley opened a restaurant. Unfortunately, it closed four months after, due to Mr.Hawley being in an accident which caused his jawline to be out of place. He had emergency surgery and was out of work for multiple months.

With his dream of having a restaurant going out the window and $3,500 going down the drain,  Mr. Hawley was depressed. His family told him not to give up. After his recovery, he applied for a job as a cafeteria worker at Springfield High. Not long after he got the job, he was promoted to being the manager of it all.

After two years, Mr.Hawley realized that Springfield High was not the school for him, so he left. The summer came, and he got a phone call offering him a job as the cafeteria manager at Lanphier High School. He took the offer and now he is a part of the Lanphier family which he loves.

           “I feel like we are a family here and that makes me feel at home.”

He doesn’t do all the work by himself, however. He has helpers who are just as important: Monica Bowling, Angela Cleeton, Misti Evangelista, Rowena Howe, Terrika McCrary, Calvin Mckinney, Shante Owens, Rosa Parra, Tonia Sutherd, Joshua Terry, and Rebekah Young.

Mr. Hawley’s goal for this school year is to bring good quality food and fuller lunches to the students. He is loving Lanphier High School and hopes to be here for a very long time.