UPDATED: Plans After Homecoming

Homecoming is a fun and exciting event to dance the night away with friends. But when the event ends, does it mean that the fun of the night ends too? Absolutely not, there are plenty of ways to continue to spark the night of homecoming.

There are always plenty of after parties to attend to keep the night young while continuing to dance with your friends.

“It is going to be lit, ” said Joe Whitehorn (12). Joe is throwing an after party for homecoming.

Formal attire dressing is not for everyone and some people tend to move around or even dance better while in regular clothing. The good thing is there is no dress code when attending the after party.

Perhaps you have been working up an appetite while dancing all night. Going out to eat with your friends is another way to continue the fun after Homecoming.

“Buffalo wild wings are the place to eat at after homecoming. Everyone is going there, I go there all the time,” said Kaliyah Kenney (12)

“I am always tired after any school event, games, dances, etc.  Even after school itself, I’m tired and go straight home to take a nap,” said Grace Pasbrig (12).

When spending the whole night on your feet has worn you out and you are ready to get home so you can get out of your clothes and get ready for bed, consider a movie snuggling with friends as the best way to end the night.  

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