UPDATE: Homecoming Parade 2018


The Homecoming parade was nothing else but a typical parade. The participants in the parade decorated their vehicles in the school colors as well as promotional advertisements for the Homecoming court. The students used streamers, balloons, and window markers for decorating purposes.

There were only civilian vehicles present in the parade this year. There were no floats or barges at all. The parade moved along its set route with all the cars in line.

There were police present to observe the citizens watching the parade. The passengers in certain vehicles threw candy to the kids and patrons observing. The parade ended at the Memorial Stadium and the people went to the football game afterward.   


There is a Homecoming parade at Lanphier High School every year. It is a tradition that has been unique to Lanphier since the mid-1960s. This year different schools will be involved. They will be performing theatrical acts and routines. These schools include Iles, Enos, Feitshans, Fairview. Lanphier’s cheerleaders will also be marching during the parade, as will the 2018 homecoming court.

The parade is organized by Mr. Scott Metzke. The parade starts on Friday, September 14 at 5:30 p.m. and will last for 20 minutes. The parade will run along 11th street to the corner of North Grand Ave. and finish at the Memorial Stadium.

During the parade, the drumline and band will play the school song and more. Participants in the parade will be dressed in the themed clothing for the dance this year, which is a Rustic Summer Night.

The Homecoming parade itself is a tradition that many people enjoy at the school.

“It’s a great tradition; we’re the only ones who do it. It does go pretty well; a lot of people come to watch it,” said Mr. Metzke.

It is a parade when it’s all said and done, which are not very common in Springfield, Illinois. The parade itself is also a good promotion for the school. The parade shows the school’s effort to promote a friendly and supporting environment.  

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