On the night of September 14, 2018, the boys took home a loss. They were defeated, but they put up an amazing fight against the Senators who scored a 68 to the Lions’ 28. The poms team gave a great performance that was followed with a groovy performance from the band and flags team.

Even though the Lions did not gain the win they were hoping they still enjoyed their homecoming weekend. They went to homecoming the next day and enjoyed their time dancing and taking pictures with friends. During the dance, they were able to find out who the homecoming queen and king were; congratulations to N’Dia Jackson (12) and Marvin Broomfield (12) for winning King and Queen.

The homecoming game and weekend were all very exciting. Even with a loss, the Lions still had a great game and an amazing weekend.


On September 14, 2018, the varsity Lions will go head to head with the Springfield Senators to bring home the win and happily celebrate our homecoming weekend. This game is called the homecoming game, a game on Friday night before homecoming day.

At the homecoming game, the homecoming court will be announced at the beginning of halftime. Homecoming court is a group of students who represent the school at the homecoming dance. This opportunity was open to every student as long as they met the eligibility requirements academically. They then had to get 50 signatures on a petition, which then made them able to be placed on a ballot for court.

This year’s homecoming court consists of the following: Jayme Fagg (9), Lexie Ausmus (10), Desiree Joiner (10), Isaih Miller (10), Mya Page (11), Ashanti Santiago (11), Keegan Schuerman (11), Emma Greenwood (12), N’dia Jackson (12), Katlin Risen (12), Gabrielle Sturdivant (12), Billie Jo Thomas (12), Nataliya Catalano (12), Alena William (12), Marvin Broomfield (12) and Kyle Cartwright (12). The Homecoming Queen and King will be chosen from the Senior court members. The king and queen will not be announced until the homecoming dance.

Following the homecoming court announcement at halftime, the pom’s team will perform a three-minute dance. After they conclude their performance, the marching band and flags will treat the audience with a performance. To celebrate the school spirit, the poms, flags, and cheerleaders will perform the school song routine along with the band.

“I like going to the homecoming game! I am always eager to see the pom girls perform and love to watch our boys compete for the win,” stated Abbi Suprenant (12).

After halftime is over, the boys will start up the third quarter and finish the game, hoping to bring home an amazing win.