“A Rustic Summer Night” is this year’s theme for Lanphier’s 2018 Homecoming Dance. Homecoming takes place on September 15, 2018. The dance starts at 7 p.m. in the wrestling gym.

Homecoming is a perfect time to have fun with your friends and interact with everyone. Students are expected to dress semi-formal. No jeans, t-shirts, or any type of everyday clothing are allowed. Girls have to wear dresses that are appropriate in length and don’t show too much skin, and boys have to wear nice shirts and pants.

Students also are expected to act appropriately while they are at the dance. No inappropriate dancing or language and they must have a ticket to get in.

“It is fun to be involved in school functions. The homecoming dance is a better alternative than what you would normally do on Saturday nights,” stated Haley McClanahan (12).

There will be lights, music, dancing, and it will be a lot of fun.

“I am excited to see how the theme will come together this year. and I am excited to see the difference this year as far as decorations,” stated James Biggers (12).

They will announce the Homecoming Court along with the king and queen towards the end of the night. After that, you can dance or talk to your friends for the rest of the dance, until it ends at 10 o’clock.


The Homecoming dance was smaller than expected this year, not many people showed up. Everyone that did come to the dance was outside the whole time because it was so hot in the gym. This is the first time administrators actually let students go outside and return back to the gym during the dance.

The Gardener gym was decorated with lights hanging from each side of the bleachers and it was really pretty. There was a big poster that said “A Rustic Summer Night” on the front of it where students could take pictures. The DJ booth added to the party with its different colored lights coming from it while the music was played.