UPDATED: Are You Ready To Pep Up Your Step?!

Lanphier High School is more than ready to pump up their school spirit by participating in the 2018 homecoming pep assembly. The pre-homecoming assembly will take place Friday, September 14, at approximately 2:17 p.m and will be located in the main gym. All of the school teams are ready to excite you for the 2018 homecoming formal. From the football team to the dance team, to cheerleading and finally the band accompanied by the color guard, with their new color guard uniforms, everyone has been preparing something special just for you. Just wait until you see what they have in store for you.

“My favorite part of the assembly is the music and the intensity all of our fellow students bring, but I do strongly believe we need more school spirit as a whole,” said Ali Owens (12).

The school is well aware that it is lagging majorly in spirit and pep, but Friday is a way to redeem the school’s spirit. Encourage everyone to bring their A-game, participate in spirit week, wear orange and black, and be prepared to cheer on Lanphier’s favorite teams.

Our job as a school is to encourage our players and coaches in the hopes of winning our homecoming football game; this is one of the main reason for the pep assembly before the game. The school would like everyone to participate and bring their best school pep to the assembly. The teams are planning to hype up the football players, but we need your help!  Our school spirit depends on you, and everyone seems to have high hopes for this year.

We are more than ready to pump you up for this year’s homecoming assembly, parade, game, and dance! Be there, or be square!


We were all so excited for the assembly, thankfully it had a great turnout, besides a little hiccup. During the cheerleaders’ great performance, there was a little slip-up and a fellow cheerleader fell, but they proved that the show must go on. When the cheerleader fell, she got right back up, brushed herself off, and started right back into their beautiful routine. The rest of the performances went on without a hitch.

The school was ready for action at the game and ready to get their groove on at homecoming the following night. Everyone performed and played their best last Friday night. Thank you to everyone who participated in the 2018-2019 homecoming pep-assembly. The participating students hope that next year is even better!

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