Affordable Options for Homecoming

While homecoming is a magical night with lots of laughter and memories, the cost is where a lot of stress and issues come into play. The average cost of a suit is approximately $80-$100. While the price may not seem too bad, some students tend to forget that they also have to purchase shoes, bows, and ties. To top things off, girls have to get their hair done. But not to fear because there are local stores with cheap price options for dresses, makeup, hair, and shoes.

The first recommended store for homecoming is Macy’s. Macy’s has all the latest fashion and dress colors. Some colors that are trending for homecoming are gold and white, navy blue, black, rose gold, red, and blush pink.

Along with colors, the style of a homecoming dress is important too.  Long fitted dresses and dresses with lots of layers are trending today. Macy’s has many options and price ranges as well. If you find their clearance section in the back of the store, you will find beautiful dresses from the prices of $45-$60. If you feel a little bit fancier, they also have dresses that range from $80-$125.

Do not forget about the shoes, the hair, and the makeup. A recommendation for these is JCPenney. They carry many different brands of dress shoes for men and women such as Steve Madden, ALDO, Alex and Max, and many more. JCPenney is also the plug with the makeup. They have Sephora which is located right inside of the JCPenney store. Sephora does full face transformations and regular face makeup for the more natural girls. Sephora accepts all walk-in clients, and they are also open from 8:00 am until

9:00pm. JCPenney also has a hair salon right inside of the store as well.

So while time may seem short, you can still look your very best at this year’s homecoming.

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