MEET THE EDITORS: Anthony Lewis (12)

Anthony Lewis is a senior at Lanphier High School. Anthony is involved in yearbook. He also enjoys basketball very much and would have liked to play football. He is planning on going to ISU for college for at least four years. He enjoys school as a whole. He does not have a favorite teacher since he has not had problems with any or been super cool with any either. His favorite school lunch is the chicken, which he says is not the best but is not completely bad.

Some of the best parts of Lanphier that Anthony has noticed are the diversity of everyone here. The worst part Anthony states are Dr. Artie Doss because of his strict reinforcement on somewhat minor rules that are normally overlooked. He does enjoy playing games, however. While he was playing a game of Kiss, Kill, or Mary, he stated that he would marry Ariana Grande, kiss Zendaya, and kill Cardi B.

After high school, he plans on going to college at ISU. He does have a car so he will have no problem getting there. Some interesting things about Anthony are the following: His spirit animal is a lion. Anthony’s favorite TV show is Netflix’s Breaking Bad. He prefers an iPhone over an Android. He goes to Taco Bell more than he does go to McDonald’s. Anthony would rather watch Netflix and chill than go on a movie date. He chooses to use Instagram more than Snapchat. He prefers a pencil over a pen. He enjoys summer more than winter. He drinks Pepsi over Coke any day. Anthony also enjoyed biology class more than chemistry class.

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