Imagine packing your car and getting ready to go to school. You start to drive down the road and out of nowhere cars start to honk at you, and people are screaming out of their windows. You keep going because you’re not breaking any law. As you open your sunroof for some fresh air, you realize you left a stack of your school books on the roof of your car. How embarrassing right? Well, this is just one of the many humiliating times of class and Spanish Club President James Biggers.

Besides his school life, James loves to watch Shameless, hang out with his best friend Billie Jo Thomas (12), post on Snapchat, enjoy a cold glass of Coke, his favorite beverage, while eating Mcdonalds.

As a freshman James didn’t do any sports or take as many advanced classes which he now regrets. However, his future plans are bright. James would love to pursue a career in elementary education and study at U.I.S.

James is overall a funny guy who loves to help others succeed in life, a guy who loves the thought of student support systems and encouraging others to be great. So if you ever feel down and want someone to talk to, just remember you can always count on James.