MEET THE EDITORS: Talon Coffin (12)

The guy on The Roar staff that looks like Woody from “Toy Story” is a senior at Lanphier High School. Talon Coffin. If Talon were going to pick an animal to represent himself, he would choose a wolf, which is very different from a cowboy.

Talon has been an MMA fighter since he was five years old. Because of this, he has never eaten school lunch. The man is serious about his diet when it comes to training for fights. Talon likes to watch the “Walking Dead” in his free time when he’s not in the octagon. Talon has plenty of friends at LHS but wishes he could have attended LHS his Freshman year instead if SHG.

Talons future plans include going to college to study criminal justice. Talon is more of a summer guy instead of a winter, and he prefers a movie date over a Netflix ‘n‘ Chill night anytime.


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