MEET THE EDITORS: Cierra Atkins (10)

Cierra Atkins is a Sophomore who is new to The Roar’s Editing Staff this year. Cierra is very involved here at Lanphier. She is a part of the Poms Team, and she’s looking to play a role in student government in her Junior year.

Cierra really likes teachers who ‘tell it how it is’; she likes honesty and integrity in a person. After high school, Cierra wants to go to a four-year university as an accounting major and she wants to accomplish great things after high school.

Desiree Joinner (10) is Cierra’s best friend Desiree missed one of Cierra’s most embarrassing moments though. Cierra forgot how to merge onto the interstate highway. “I just stopped– I sat there and I stopped,” said Cierra. She did not merge until her mom told her countless times to floor it.

Cierra wants to join more clubs in the next three years at LHS. If she could change anything about high school so far, she would have taken a higher math class last year.


Cierra also filled out the following questionnaire, showing some of her general preferences in red:


iPhone or Android

McDonald’s or Taco Bell

Movie Date or Netflix ‘n’ Chill

Snapchat or Instagram

Pen or Pencil

Winter or Summer

Pepsi or Coke

Biology or Chemistry


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