Alexandria Owens is a senior at Lanphier High School. She plans to join the Navy after graduation, although she is not 100% certain yet.

Alexandria is a free spirit person, she loves to engage and give her input while in her classes. She is currently enrolled in the ICE program. The ICE program provides a way for students to leave early and go to work.

She says one thing she wishes she would have done differently in high school is take more AP classes. She also states that her favorite teacher is Ms. Sheila O’Bryen, because she is easy to talk to and is very cool. In Ali’s opinion, the best thing about Lanphier is the diversity, and the worst part is the immaturity and the freshman. Alexandria’s spirit animal is a goat because they scream a lot. Her favorite tv show is Spongebob, which relates to her personality. She is very outgoing, smart, creative, adventurous, and comical. She is a very reliable person and an amazing friend.