MEET THE EDITORS: Shelby Hoderread (12)

When the new school year began, the newspaper staff grew. One of those members is a senior named Shelby Holderread. She is not involved in any sports or clubs, but she uses her time to sleep, work and spend time with her friends: Haley McClanahan (12) and Sharee’ Rice (12).

Due to her interest in biology, in her free time, she will sit down and enjoy an episode of Grey’s Anatomy on Netflix. Shelby prefers Apple products to Samsung to snap her friends on Snapchat. She does not really prefer McDonald’s, but she could enjoy a meal with a cold side of Pepsi.

Shelby will be turning 18 on September 7 of 2018. She plans to save money to go to college after high school and attend Illinois State University.

Shelby has attended LHS for all fours years. She despises the school lunches, but she does enjoy the football and basketball games.

Shelby had her ultimate embarrassment when she fell up the stairs her sophomore year. Looking back through her high school years, she wishes she could have gotten better grades to have a better transcript for college. Shelby overall has enjoys her time at LHS.

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